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-- UX Design Web Design Grants

-- Merck Family Fund

-- American Honda Foundation

-- Walmart Foundation-Community Engagement grants

-- American Alpine Club

-- National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

-- Foundations Community Partnership Technical Assistance Funding


UX Design Web Design Grants

Deadline:  Rolling

website:  https://goo.gl/forms/wAzz4ZyxxsNAMl1V2


Nathan Garfield UX Design is pleased to announce a limited number of Project Grants for website design. These grants are 50-50 matches, which would grant a 50% discount on web design services rendered.  Prior to commencement of any agreement, organizations will be given a project estimate.  Grants will be awarded to a limited number of organizations and will be chosen on a competitive basis.   To apply, please complete the following application.  Awardees will be selected on a rolling basis.


To be eligible for consideration, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization
  • Reside in the Bucks or Montgomery County area
  • Already have a web presence, or have a secured domain name
  • Be available for meetings and consultation, to provide content and feedback


Priority will be given to organizations that

  • Inspire with your interesting and impactful mission!
  • Present a solid strategy that is realistic and achievable


Individuals and for profit businesses are not eligible to apply.


Application can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/wAzz4ZyxxsNAMl1V2


Looking forward to working together!


Nathan Garfield


Merck Family Fund

Deadline: July 17, 2017

Website: http://www.merckff.org/


One of the Merck Family Fund’s goals is to restore and protect the natural environment and ensure a healthy planet for generations to come. The Fund provides grants to nonprofit organizations that address one of the following four program areas: The Reducing CO2 Emissions Through Energy Efficiency and Carbon Pricing program supports the development of political and economic drivers at the federal and state level in the Northeast and Southeast to establish or expand carbon pricing mechanisms. The Conserving Ecologically Valuable Land program provides grants for land conservation efforts in the Southeast. The Urban Farming and Youth Leadership program supports initiatives in low-income urban areas in the Northeast that help young people to create urban farms and local markets. The Making Paper Production Sustainable program seeks to increase the rates of recycled paper in large paper sectors, reduce sourcing from endangered forests, and maximize clean production nationwide. The final deadline for letters of inquiry this year is July 17, 2017; invited full proposals are due July 31, 2017. Visit the Fund’s website to learn more about the program areas.

American Honda Foundation

Deadline: August 1, 2017

Website:  http://www.honda.com/community/applying-for-a-grant


The American Honda Foundation engages in grant making that reflects the basic tenets, beliefs and philosophies of Honda companies, which are characterized by the following qualities: imaginative, creative, youthful, forward-thinking, scientific, humanistic and innovative. We support youth education with a specific focus on the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects in addition to the environment. When considering the American Honda Foundation as a potential funding source, please note the following:

Eligible Organizations:  Nonprofit charitable organizations classified as a 501(c) (3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service, or a public school district, private/public elementary and secondary schools as listed by the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) are eligible for funding.

To be considered for funding organizations MUST have two years of audited financial statements examined by an independent CPA for the purpose of expressing an opinion if gross revenue is $500,000 or more. If gross revenue is less than $500,000, and the organization does not have audited financial statements, it may submit two years of financial statements accompanied by an independent CPA's review report instead.

Funding Priority: Youth education, specifically in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the environment, job training and literacy.

Other Important Information:  Organizations may only submit one request in a 12-month period. This includes colleges and universities with several departments/outreach programs.

  • The grant range is from $20,000 to $75,000 over a one-year period.
  • Proposals must be submitted online. No paper or faxed applications will be accepted
To determine if your program/project meets the qualifications for consideration, take the Eligibility Quiz and begin the online application process.

Walmart Foundation

Deadline:  August 11, 2017



The Walmart Foundation will consider applications from organizations providing Hunger Relief programming during all cycles, and will only accept applications from organizations requesting funding for Hunger Relief programming during cycles 1 and 2. If your program falls outside of that area of focus, you may submit an application during cycle 3 under the area described below as Community Engagement.

It is important to remember that the majority of funds are allotted during cycles 1 and 2, so for organizations with Hunger Relief programming, it is best to apply in those cycles.

  • Hunger Relief Giving - examples include food pantries, backpack programs, and SNAP outreach
  • Community Engagement Giving - Organizations seeking funding for programs outside of Hunger Relief, and whose programs focus on the unmet needs of underserved low-income populations, can apply in cycle 3 only
Community Engagement - examples include career opportunity, disaster preparedness, education programs, healthcare access, shelters, and other human service programs.
  •  Career Opportunity examples include job training programs and placement programs. Special interest is given to programs focused on women and veteran programs.
  •  Disaster Preparedness examples include preparedness equipment (e.g. Jaws of Life, shelter kits, etc.) and disaster preparedness awareness program
Applications must be entirely complete and submitted online to be considered. 
  • Submitting an online application does not guarantee funding.
  • The Walmart Foundation reserves the right to adjust guidelines, submission deadlines and notification dates without prior notice.

American Alpine Club

Deadline: August 15, 2017


The American Alpine Club (AAC) is accepting applications for the Cornerstone grant.

The AAC's Cornerstone Conservation grant powered by REI creates healthy climbing landscapes, promotes respect for the places we climb, and empowers local climbing communities. The Cornerstone Conservation Grant has grown out of a decade of American Alpine Club underwriting and volunteerism.


Past AAC projects include new trails and human-waste management policies at Utah's Castleton Tower and Indian Creek climbing areas, a new human-waste management system in Grand Teton National Park, new trails and waste-management systems in Rocky Mountain National Park's Lumpy Ridge climbing area, and the Clean Mountain Can program on Denali.


Projects must:

* Have measurable, high impact yet achievable goals

* Incorporate best practices for sustainability

* Improve land conservation and/or climber practices

* Demonstrate reduced impact from climber practices

* Demonstrate a plan for long term success

* Engage members of the local climbing community

* Have local land manager endorsement

* Have local AAC Section endorsement

* Have a realistic budget

* Utilize matching agency, local funds or Access Fund grant money


The AAC accepts applications every year between June 15 and August 15. Applicants will be advised on or before September 30.


Funding is available nationwide
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Music into Math

Deadline:  November 3, 2017


For 2018-19, grants with a maximum of $3,000 each will be awarded to persons currently teaching mathematics in grades Pre-K-2 level. This award is for individual classroom teachers* or small groups of teachers collaborating in one grade or across grade levels. Any acquisition of equipment must support the proposed plan but not be the primary focus of the grant. Proposals must address the following: the combining of mathematics and music; the plan for improving students' learning of mathematics; and the anticipated impact on students' achievement. (*The definition of a classroom teacher is an individual who spends half or more of his/her work time teaching in the classroom.)

 The applicant must be a current (on or before October 13, 2017) Full Individual or E-Member  of NCTM or teach in a school with a current (on or before October 13, 2017)  NCTM PreK-8 school membership  and currently teach mathematics or collaborate with teachers of mathematics in grades PreK-2. Activities are to be completed between June 1, 2018, and May 31, 2019. Past recipients of this grant are ineligible to reapply. No person(s) may receive more than one award administered by the Mathematics Education Trust in the same academic year.

Interested teachers are invited to submit a proposal. The 2018-19 MET Proposal Cover Form must be completed and serve as the top page of each copy of the proposal. The proposal must be typewritten, double-spaced and single-sided (please organize as outlined below), with margins of at least one inch on 8.5"x 11" paper. Font size must be no smaller than 10-point (Times Roman suggested), and the width between characters should be normal (100%). Five copies (one original and four copies) of the proposal should be included in a single packet addressed to the Mathematics Education Trust at NCTM, 1906 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1502. The application packet must be postmarked by November 3, 2017 . Faxed copies will not be accepted.  

Duplicate applications will not be considered. Lack of an applicant's signature will automatically disqualify the proposal. No indirect costs.

Foundations Community Partnership Technical Assistance Funding

Deadline:  Applications reviewed as received

Website: http://www.fcpartnership.org/grants/technical-assistance-funding/


Effective September 2010, FCP has added a new funding opportunity for Bucks County, non-profit human service organizations. FCP is collaborating with several technical assistance providers in this effort. This funding will be provided for specific work-plans developed with a local non-profit technical assistance organization (i.e., The LaSalle Non-Profit Center, The Catalyst Center for Nonprofit Management, The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations [PANO]). Funding will also be available for organization Board/Management participation in conferences or workshops, provided for the Bucks County non-profit business community. Selected organizations will be provided the opportunity to participate in the Core Competency Assessment Tool (CCAT), which is a self evaluation of organizational strengths and needs, used by many technical assistance programs.

Technical assistance will be available through these organizations in the following areas:

  • Funding for the Core Competency Assessment Tool (CCAT) or other organizational evaluation process.
  • Board Member Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Business Management
  • Executive Director/Senior Management
  • Succession Planning/Emerging Leadership Consultation
  • Capacity Building Consultation
  • Referral for Legal Issues
  • Workshops and Conference “Scholarships” for NPO Board/Management

Please contact FCP for more information about this program: csinton@fcpartnership.org.

All Technical Assistance award recipients will be required to submit progress reports.

936 Easton Road  |  P.O. Box 754  |  Warrington, Pennsylvania 18976  |  215-343-2727  |  lvibber@bbco-cpa.com


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